In 2016 I ran for this office against then incumbent Bobby Outten. As I travelled from community to community I observed many areas neglect. Many of the roads were in disrepair and some areas lacked basic services. There were areas that I had difficulties getting to on foot so I know that our first responders would struggle immensely to respond to them. On the other hand there were many areas that were well maintained and easily accessible. I will address the infrastructure issues of the district to include the roads and communities in need of upgrades. The people of the 30th district are strong and forward moving but there are issues that are a threat to our communities today. One of the greatest threat is the effects of the opioid epidemic. Our first responders are being called upon to perform lifesaving tasks that were unheard of just a few years ago. The budgets of our police and EMS departments are being asked to provide for lifesaving drugs and the money to obtain those drugs are not there. I will fight to assure that our first responders have the resources to obtain the necessary supplies and training to guarantee the well- being of our communities.