Economic Empowerment

The 30TH District is historically a district made up of family farms, small service businesses and individual tradesmen. As the population of the district ages and technology continues to dominate the world scene today, farm families are shrinking as the younger generation seeks employment away from the farm, businesses are failing due to lessening disposable family income and the opportunities for independent tradesmen become less abundant. As the Representative for the district I will fight to enact legislation that favors the current make-up of the district and assure that our farming community continues to have the means to make a comfortable and affordable living. I will fight to enact laws that protect our small businesses and allow them to flourish and produce legislation that affords our tradesmen the opportunity to be successful in their trades. While protecting the way of life for the district we cannot ignore the need for growth in the area. I will look into ways to bring growth and jobs into the district and increase employment opportunities. If we grow in small, methodical, well planned steps, everyone will win.