Public Safety

As a 28 year member of the Law Enforcement community I have seen firsthand the dangers that threaten our hardworking citizens. Yet I see decisions made in the courtrooms that increases the burden placed upon our law enforcement officers who take great pride in putting on the uniform and placing themselves in harms way as the frontline of protection for our citizens. Yet our lawmakers continue to draft legislation that makes it harder for our officers to protect our citizens. Over the past five years we have seen an alarming increase in the number of citizens that that felt compelled to obtain concealed carry permits in order to feel secure while out in public. Although Delaware has been fortunate thus far, the safety of our schools is at risk and yet there seems to be no sense of urgency assure we don’t become headline news. To assure the public safety of our citizens and students, I propose that:

  • Funds be directed to our Law Enforcement agencies to incorporate proactive crime prevention strategies to remove crime from our streets.
  • Constables be armed and placed in all of our schools to assure the safety and well- being of our children.
  • The criminal justice system be held to task, to assure that they are holding incarcerated only those individuals that are a THREAT to public safety and finding ways to reform and rehabilitate those whose behaviors are of little to no threat to public safety.